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                                                   (Justice A.K.Srivastava)

                                            Former Judge of Delhi High Court

Mind and intellect very much matter, but it is mentality (mansikta) which matters most. Pure or impure mentality governs the inner character of a human which in turn governs the society as a whole. Difference between a human and an animal is that God has given discretion (vivek) to human whereas animal has to act as per the instinct given to it. With discretion a human can be vegetarian or non vegetarian but in animals, god has fixed vegetarian and non vegetarian specie. It is seldom that a vegetarian animal becomes non vegetarian. With animals, mentality is almost fixed whereas with humans, mentality is variable depending upon the pravarti he inherits or the sanskaar he receives in this birth. By his karmas in this birth he can enhance or reduce his inheritance in this very birth. This is perhaps the scheme of God.

For society and ultimately for the nation, human mentality is very important. For development we surely need engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists and researchers. For medical health we need great doctors, equipments and medical research. For education we need good teachers. For justice we need great judges who deliver fairly with dedication. But for society as a whole we need persons with pure mentality. Engineers, scientists, doctors, teachers and judges are good to the society only till they have pure mentality. See what havoc these do to the society if their mentality is impure. Humans tend to run for money. Such tendency is quite natural but when the rat race for money is done by foul means it becomes bad. It leads to scams; other corruptions; adulteration in food and medicines; commercialization of education, justice and medical health; illicit smuggling of arms and narcotics; land mafia; kidnapping and abduction for ransom, boot legging and other like activities. With illegal money vices like hard drinks; visits to casinos and bars with dancing girls; child abuse, rapes; soliciting vulgar display of women; group sex; wives swapping etc. develop.

It is a common belief that with satkarmas in the past life, a soul gets human yoni. God’s scheme is that every soul must merge with God but that is possible only after getting human yoni. But God has not made Moksha very easy. He says that the human has to work hard to get moksha for his soul. For that he has not to be a saint in appearance. Any person ,even in grihastha ashram, may make his soul get moksha by his pure thinking, good deeds and absolute faith in and surrender to God.

If the society, as a whole, has pure mentality, the present evils of the society will evaporate. There would be no murders, no fights, no rapes, no domestic violence, no forcible prostitution, no illicit smuggling, no illegal grabbing of properties, no scams, no corruption, no cheating, no adulteration in food and medicines or fraud etc. etc. In the result there would be peace.

God gives birth to a child and leaves him to develop into a pious or a crocked person as per his discretion (vivek). The instincts in a childare both ways. If you observe a child you will find that he is also prone to telling lies, stealing, disobeying, quarrelling or grabbing toys and eatables in the hands of other children. He has the tendency not to obey. He will do what is told to him ‘no’. He takes pleasure in such activities and that also stealthily which are injurious for him. But till he comes to the age of discretion he cannot exercise his vivek. Therefore, till his age of discretion, it is the duty of the society to mould him towards purity of mind. Though any such mould may not be a guarantee that he will keep pure mentality after attaining the age of discretion but effort has to be made.

How swatcha mansikta can be achieved.

Before doing that I will briefly state the mentality which has lately developed in major section of our society. A human has no value. He can be killed for petty rewards. Mutual faith has gone. Ego, prejudice, jealousy and revenge are at top of the list now. The idea of living for others is no more. Elders are losing respect from younger. Families are breaking. Relationships are monetized. Disharmony in relationships is increasing. Parents are not getting care from their even well to do children. Neighbors mostly do not know each other. Ego has gone up so high that even simple courtesy is not expected. Temper is now the order of the day. Road rages and shootings are very common. Moral values are going down every day. The entire mentality, in the rat race of money, is turning towards perverse commercialization.

In our traditional culture females were treated as Devi and mothers had great role to play in the making of their children.They used to inculcate pap punya theory in their children from the very beginning and were always watchful over their day today activities. If any frailties in children were found, they were scolded and put to task. Inculcating moral values in their children used to be at the top of their agenda. I recall the watchfulness of my mother over her children. In the year 1944, I was in class III. Father of my class fellow had brought rubber studded pencils from Japan and had given one to him. I liked the pencil. My class fellow gave one in exchange to me. I was very happy and when I came home I showed it to my mother. She became suspicious and point blank told me to return it and bring back my pencil. I tried to satisfy her that I took the pencil in exchange but she remained adamant. Next day my class fellow had brought another rubber studded pencil. My pencil he had left at home. I returned his pencil but how to retrieve mine on that day was a problem. I became very nervous. But for good fortune, the servant of my class fellow came to give Tiffin and my class fellow ordered him to bring my pencil from home. Thus I could retrieve my pencil on that very day and could show it to my mother. Then she became satisfied that I had not stolen the attractive rubber studded pencil. That event in my impressionable age guided me throughout my life that be satisfied with your possessions and do not run for attractive things unless you can legally afford to have them.

But now seeing the behavior of the young it appears that either they are not getting that kind of attention or they do not bother.They are becoming money minded and self centered. Consumerism is spoiling their mind. The noble concept of considering women as mother or sister or daughter is disappearing.The mentality of treating women as an item of sex is going up. Pre-marital sex and concept of liv-in relationship are growing very fast. For TRP,sex and violence are being served through films in such a crude manner that our traditional fabrichas shaken. Minor boys are raping minor girls and youngsters are raping old ladies. Child abuse is rampant and even minor girls aged 3 to 5 years are being gang raped and murdered. We hear father raping his daughter and teacher raping his students. Dirty men in the robes of religious gurus are sexually exploiting gullible women and innocent girls. In some Ashrams live sex is served.

For achieving swatch mentality, we need a program to purify our mind and to correct our mentality. Therefore, like swatch bharat abhiyan, a scheme in the name of swatch mansikta abhiyan should be launched by cultural and social organizations or by semi government units. Swach Mansikta will pave way for swach bharat.

The scheme should start with mothers as they are very important in making or unmaking of their children. Every child gets first education at his home. If his mind is tuned to purity of thought and pure action from hisvery impressionable age,much can be achieved.

Thereafter is the role ofschools and colleges. Every child has the fundamental right to education but for his betterment the imparted education should be the ‘right education’. In my opinion, since ‘right education’ is key to a good society, there should be statutory mandate on all schools and colleges to include in their curricula subjects like; moral education, ethics, fundamental duties, discipline and character building. This can be done by Rules and Regulaions made under the Right to Education Act.

Then is the role of society as a whole towards its own cleansing. Amongst methods of controls, social control is very effective. For cleansing the society, providing for strict laws and heavy punishments may not be the solution. For example, despite heavy punishments enacted for rape after Nirbhaya case, the ghastly rapes did not stop. Rather there had been steep rise. Though strict implementation of laws may yield results but what is more needed is the change of heart and mentality. Without change in mentality corruption in public sector can not be controlled by any kind of Ombudsman. Private sector corruption can be refuced only by purity of mind.

Male mentality towards women should be changed. Women should be respected and not treated as an item of sex only. In general, a sense of satisfaction (called ‘santoshdhan’) should be inculcated and people should be impressed with the philosophy that the means to the end should also be pious. Examples of sufferings of criminals and corrupts should be cited in homes and schools to impress that crime and corruption of any kind ultimately becomes cause for suffering. NGOs should be encouraged to propagate purity of thought, respect for others, humility, character building and patriotism. Pressure should be put on the movie makers and TV channels not to show crime and sex. Women organizations should stand up against obscenity and vulgar display of women in advertisements, in movies and in print media. Empowerment of women includes their dignity. In TV channels some women characters are projected as vicious, scheming, house breakers and mafia. It gives a very bad image of the entire woman folk. The psychology of young towards women gets disturbed. Such projection should be banned.

Society should shun the company of corrupts and criminals. People should refuse aid or alms from them. MANU had said that never accept food of a criminal or corrupt. People should stop garlanding the corrupt. No invitations to them in social functions. Rapists should be condemned in public and the victims of rapes should be given all support openly withrespect. This will happen only when the male mentality gets changed.

No doubt everyone needs money for existence and for better life, butat the same time it is a myth that money can purchase happiness. Money is not everything. I have seen many moneyed persons in great misery and their tons of money could not help them in their misery. Therefore, people should be exposed by lectures and through media that illegal money, illegal sex or illegally acquired wealth are ultimate cause for all sufferings not only to them but totheir children as well. One should remember: Barhe Kheti Apne Karma and Barhe Putra Pita Ke Dharma. That is to say, children prosper by pure deeds of their parents whereas their land will give better yields only by their own labour.

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  1. Mental hygiene and cleanliness remains utmost important…excellent article

    Comment by ramasparentingtips | August 24, 2015 | Reply

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