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Reservations and women

 Women in India comprise about 50% of the total population. They present a classic example of demonstrating, how with sincere efforts, self-confidence and inner strength, success can be achieved, even against odds, pressures, restrictions and disabilities. They have fought their battle in an uneven terrain and paved their way to success without any shelter under protectionism policies of the Government. In almost all the fields of nation-building activities, be it political, social, economic, civil administration or armed services, they have proved themselves to be second to none in matter of qualification or intelligence. Their remarkable success, that too, within a short span of time, forces one to doubt the efficacy of Reservation as a rational means for the uplift of the down-trodden.

If women, despite their being the most disadvantaged section of the society, could succeed without Reservations, why not others? Backward Classes, including untouchables, tribal and minorities were availing the benefit of Reservations since later half of the 19th century, formally or informally, in admissions to Schools, Scholarships, and jobs in Government and in positions in political institutions consisting of elected representatives of the people.


October 3, 2009 - Posted by | Reservation/Affirmative action program, Women's issues |

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