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Role -reversal in modern families

Introduction – Disoriented psyche and ruthless competition between a men and women has led to their role reversal within the family. Super modern woman of 21st century has joined the race to compete with man in nation building activities. She works shoulder-to-shoulder with man and is second to none in  any sphere of work, be it industry, politics, social works and social reforms, managers, civil servants, armed forces etc. which are far away from her traditional role of a home-maker.

 Issue – But in her hurry to win the race and further her career, sometimes a modern young woman overlooks her social/familial responsibilities. She desires for freedom, liberty and carefree life-style, as usually men used to enjoy in the past. She feels more comfortable outside her home and prefers to think, act or behave like men. And to compensate her absence at home, men are expected to take-up the responsibilities of household chores, in addition to financially supporting their families. 

Sheen of the institution, called ‘family’ overshadowed – Such an attitude has taken away sheen from the centuries old social institution known as ‘family’. Till now, ‘family’ has been giving refuge toddlers under the loving care of mother and emotional support to all – young as well as old members of the family. The toddlers are now sent to nursery, pre-school, children to schools and hobby-classes. Older generation has to take shelter in old-age homes. It has developed insecurity in minds of children, adolscents and old people. 

Movement of ‘Women -lib’ – As movement of women’s lib along with the ideas like “I will do what I want”, “I do not care for anybody” is gaining momentum, a drastic transition is taking place in the attitude of both the sexes. Role of man in performing household chores and responsibilities in rearing up infants and toddlers is increasing. His say in family matters is diminishing. Usually voice of woman in a house prevails, men finds himself helpless.

“Who wears the pants in the family”? – Now a days, women plays a major role within the family, assumed almost all the rights to take all major decisions and to dictate her own terms. She does whatever she wants to do and enjoys life in her own way. There is no denial to the fact that women also should have full freedom to make her own decisions and to lead her life the way she wants. But it should be done in a  decent and civilized manner by exercising some amount of self-control and self-discipline, so that her actions does not adversely affect the feelings or living of other family-members.

Mindset of Modern women – For many modern young women nothing, but ‘self’ matters in life. They pay more attention to grab as much power as they can, further their career, and on self-glorification. Usually they desire to set themselves free from all bondage of kinship. Some of them prefer to go far away from their homes and settle down in unknown places or in foreign lands, where she live in anonymity, enjoy their life, the way they want, get total control over activities of their spouses and enforce on everybody their own dictats/rules.

“Men from Mars, women from Venus?” – Thinking, working style, personal qualifications and abilities and sense of responsibility differ from person to person. It does not necessarily depend on one’s ‘gender’. It is unfair to generalize attributes of men-women on gender ground. Still it is difficult to ignore gender gap, that nature has created in their physique,  mindset, style of working and attitudes. It is difficult for a woman, how-so-ever hard she tries to bring to an end those inherent dissimilarities bestowed by nature itself. Mostly men are by nature more rational/sensible, more focused, faster in taking decisions or actions, less reactive and considerate. They have more physical strength, energy and authority. It is difficult for a woman ignore the charm of his physical strength and his ability to provide her and her family security – as a husband, father or son. As far as women are concerned, they are more loving, more caring and more social and maintain harmonious relationship with people around then. They have understanding and capacity to think practically. They are more attractive.

Roles of men and women in family are complementary, not competitive –  Healthy relationship between husband and wife makes the world more colourful, comfortable and give each other purpose of life. It gives them incentive to work hard, move forward and make everybody happy within the family.  But when they work on impulses and emotions, life becomes difficult for the whole family, as it is practically impossible for an impulsive mind to think rationally.


Togetherness’ be the principle

Seeing the strengths and weaknesses of both the sexes, it can be said that roles of men and women within a family and society are complimentary and not competitive. A women should not try to ape, act or behave like a man. There is much more grace in femininity.

No one should try to impose one’s superiority on the other. Both should accept life as it comes, disciple their mind-sets to meet together the challenges in life. Both husband and wife, the main pillars of the family life, are supposed to supplement each others weaknesses and become a stronger unit to give required support to other dependent members of the family. Harmonious relationship between man and woman makes life interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile for themselves as well as for everybody else in the family and society.



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