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Money Religion

By Justice A.K.Srivastava – Former Judge of Allahabad And Delhi High Courts

Why 80% population in India is of Hindus? – The Muslims and Christians converted almost all the natives of the countries they ruled to Islam or Christianity, as the case might be, but they failed in such mission in India despite having ruled it for more than 800 years. India still has 80% Hindus. Since natives of India were proud of their respective ways of life, culture, traditions, thinking and living style, they were not prepared to adopt any other way of life. They stuck to their respective religions, ways of life, culture and traditions. Even after independence, the Bengalees, the Tamilians, the Andhrites, the Punjabis, the Haryanvis, the Rajasthanis, the Assamese, the Himachalis, the Kashmirees, the Biharis, the Keralites, the Kumayunees, the Gujratis and Garhwalees etc. have kept their distinct cultures and traditions. The beauty is that different religions have little impact on their distinctive regional identities.
Common religion of modern India – But, unfortunately, the entire modern India is now in the grip of one common religion and that is the ‘MONEY RELIGION’. We are aping western consumerism. Even the religious establishments are not free from it. The Dharma Gurus are now very rich. The names need not be quoted.
– I am not against money making. Development needs making of money like hunger makes one to work. In this paper I am not saying that do not develop, I only emphasize that the means to earn money should be such that they do not severely affect the very creation of the God and the nature given to us. I am only disturbed that in the chase for money the modern Indian is adopting all foul means.
Victory of money-culture over morality – Such foul MONEY RELIGION has not only changed the society but it has burst all standards. In the mind of a modern Indian the foul ‘MONEY RELIGION’ has taken over ethics, principles, human rights, public good, thought of ‘Pap and Punya’ philosophy, compassion, empathy and the like. Money Religion has eclipsed all religions.
What ‘Religion’ means for money-makers – I have reason to say that money makers, by foul means, are religious only to the extent of performing religious rites and visiting their religious places. By heart they are not religious. Is killing humans by foul edibles and spurious medicines a religious activity? Which religion permits or professes it?
What is Charity for money-makers
– Even the charities they give are either for legal compulsions or only to enhance their social position to be known as great philanthropists despite having earned the money by every kind of corruption like bribery, scams, illicit trading, selling spurious medicines, manufacturing and selling spurious milk or ghee, adulteration of food, kidnapping and abduction etc. etc. The Charitable Trusts are created in the name of the creator of trust instead of in the name of God/Goddesses.
Chase for money responsible for corruption – This foul chase for money has made majority of the operators in private or public sector, professionals, business men and the government servants corrupt. Present politicians are wholly responsible for this catastrophe. Unfortunately, few judges have also succumbed to this foul chase.
Is money remedy for all problems?
– The modern thinking is ‘if only there were more and more wealth, everything else would fall into place. Money is considered to be all powerful; if it could not actually buy non material values like justice, harmony, beauty or even health, it could circumvent the need for them or compensate for their loss.’
Entire social fabric seems to have been changed – This foul MONEY RELIGION has also changed the entire fabric of the social norms. So much cheating is there that now it is becoming difficult to even believe one’s own kin. Son is cheating his parents. Brothers and sisters are cheating each other. The courts are full of property cases between father and son, brother and brother, brother and sister, sister and sister, mother and son. The intimate blood relationship has been taken over by the vice of MONEY RELIGION. The unfortunate part is that entire education structure is concentrating on how to be rich and not how to be happy.
Can money bring real satisfaction in life?
– No doubt to be rich is glorious but it is not being realized that money can never give ultimate satisfaction in life. I illustrate. A man was in deep love with his wife. He made money by all foul means to give heavy and costly jewelry to her. When she died, while being cremated, even her nose pin was removed from her body. Seeing that he bitterly wept and cried ‘for what he earned money when he could not give even a nose pin to his beloved wife at her departure’. He realized the real religion. He donated his entire wealth and renounced his worldly life. Alas! He could have understood earlier the futility of money.
Why not to earn money with foul means?
– Making money by foul means has its evil consequences. Those who believe in the theory of incarnation should know that at the time of birth a native is fixed with all SUKHS (pleasures) in his/her entire life in a consolidated form, say for example, a total figure of one crore. His/her pleasures in life are five; YASH SUKH (name fame), DHAN SUKH (money), SANTAN SUKH (children), DAMPATYA SUKH (married life), SWASTHYA SUKH (health). All these pleasures have their respective shares in the total consolidated pleasure of one crore. For example, 40 lacs for name fame pleasure, 20 lacs for money pleasure, 20 lacs for children pleasure, 18 lacs for health pleasure and 2 lacs for married life pleasure. These pleasures are fixed in their respective proportions. No native can enhance one pleasure without reducing one or two of the other pleasures because he cannot increase the total. For example, if by corruption or cheating the native increases his money pleasure from 20 lacs to 60 lacs the extra 40 lacs will not come from outside. The other pleasures will get reduced in that proportion. For example, the name fame pleasure may come down to 10 lacs and the health pleasure may come down to 8 lacs. One should not forget that if he is destined to be a millionaire or a multi-millionaire he will be. Sachin Tendulkar is a billionaire. He had not to adopt foul means to become that. He only worked hard with sincerity. He has name fame, a doting wife and progressive and handsome children, all of us know. On the other hand, names not to be taken, there are very rich and resourceful persons, who have been or now languishing in jail or their children became drug addicts or for heinous crimes lodged in jail.
“YASHASAVI BHAV” – The highest pleasure of a native is name fame. That is why when a saint gives blessings, he says “YASHASAVI BHAV’. But the modern Indian has become oblivious of this pleasure. By making money through corruption or cheating, a modern Indian is forgetting that he definitely loses the most precious pleasure of YASH. He/she may also loose pleasures of health, children and married life. No pleasure can be increased without reducing one or more of the other pleasures. Chase for money at such a cost is thus not advised.
Modern education system inculcating money-culture in youth
– But the tragedy is that in modern India the whole education structure is towards educating the young to become rich. What will be the package, determines joining a particular technical course. A lot of corruption is there to get admitted to such a course. If the very foundation is corrupt what can be expected? Unfortunately, the teaching career, which is the very foundation of the process of making a human being into a human, has become most unattractive.
I had the first impact of the said philosophy long back i.e. in the year 1963 when I got my first posting as Munsif (a post in the Uttar Pradesh Judicial Service). A most corrupt clerk was posted as Court Reader in my Court. He had a wife, one son and one daughter. Besides, he had two concubines whom he kept in his two other houses with full financial support. In those days, seniors in the judiciary used to have fatherly attitude towards the new entrants. One of my seniors warned me against that clerk by informing me that the clerk was so intelligent that during the course of arguments he would anticipate the result and thus could collect money from the winning party in the evening by giving guarantee. I pondered and found a solution. I started the practice of declaring the order in the court itself after close of arguments then and there. That practice had the danger of erroneous orders but I had to save my integrity reputation. The Court Reader had thus no scope to earn extra money. After one and a half years, one morning he came to my residence and touched my feet. I was surprised because I knew that he was very angry with me. Then he explained himself by telling me “Before I was posted to your court I was making illegal money which I was spending on my two concubines and on hard drinks. My night stay used to be with my concubines in their respective houses which I had given to them. My health was gradually deteriorating. After you stopped my illegal income my concubines ran away and I started staying in my house with my wife and children. I rented out the two houses which brought extra-legal income in the house hold. Quarrels in the house got reduced which resulted in to a cordial atmosphere in the house. With lesser money in hand my hard drinks also got reduced. Since I had enough time at home I looked after my children well. My son who was failing in High School has now passed in First Division and the daughter who had become sickly has now improved in her health and her performance in studies has very much improved. Sir this is what you have given to me and that was why I had touched your feet”. I was so over helmed that I could only utter the words “God has His own ways”.
Conclusion – The positivity of the said philosophy got imprinted on my fore head and my entire life has been guided by the said philosophy. I wish this philosophy is told to every young man/woman when he/she enters into a profession, private or public, or into a government service or joins the politics or starts any business or becomes a judge.
The principle is not to allow an evil tree to grow. Once grown, its pruning will not root it out. Pruning will, rather, make its roots and stem stronger. Here the family matters because it has the greatest influence on a child’s values in the first 12 to 15 years of his/her life. Sound values, if rooted early in life, could later resist contrary influences and pressures.
At the end I implore those, who have made foul money, to introspect and see what they have gained and what they have lost.

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