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Natural, healthy & disciplined life style

Pandemic Kovid 19 2020 has reminded all human beings allover the world that nature-friendly and disciplined life style is necessary for their own survival and for leading a healthy and happy life. It is the time when humans need to slow down a little bit in this fast-moving world of 21st century.

Global warming and other negative impacts on the planet due to technological advancement is becoming undeniable. However, modern people don’t want to give-up the comforts they enjoy in their day today life. Industrial and technological advancement, and urbanization has polluted the atmosphere and has reduced available shelter for animals.

People should love all parts of Mother Nature. They can’t pick and choose what parts we like and what we don’t. Everything in Mother Nature is connected.  Still there are plenty of things, they can do to make the world a better place. It can be done by keeping a balance between, human needs, laws of nature and technological advancement. A balanced approach can keep the world running smoothly.

Natural life-style – Follow the principle of Sanatan Dharma of Hindu philosophy, which believes in ‘Nurture over Nature’. Nature means the force that controls the weather and the destiny of all living things. It is the highest law all over world. No human, no matter how ancient, or how popular, has the power to be above the laws of nature. People can not afford to over-rule the laws of nature.

Mother nature is Supreme. Human beings will never be able to control Mother Nature completely by using their money, muscle or intellectual power. Nature does not care how much money one has or what color one is. People have to understand law the law of Nature and abide by them.

Many of laws of Nature involve general respect for all living things including animals, insects, and plants. People are supposed to love all parts of Mother Nature. They can’t pick and choose what parts they like or what they don’t. Everything in Mother Nature is connected. Taking away one part may affects adversely its other parts as well. If one kills all the caterpillars, how can he complain, there are no butterflies. Mother Nature shows equal respect for absolutely everything and everyone. 

Things in nature happen slowly. It takes its own time to take a proper shape. So have patience. People should respect the pace of nature. Everything in Nature is connected. It is not possible to take away one part, people don’t like. Doing so may affect other parts as well people do enjoy.

Nature gives humans a lot. People can pay back by not polluting the atmosphere and try to make the world a better place to live in. Sometimes laws of nature can be strict as well. Nature can raise hell in the form of pandemics or natural disaster like thunderstorms, tornadoes, or hurricanes. Such times remind people the presence of the Natural force in human beings’ every day lives, as well as of its strength.

Healthy lifestyle – It is the time in the fast-moving world of 21st century, when humans need to slow down their activities a little bit, The present attempt to control the forces of Nature, as much as possible, can lead to many health problems.  Being busy and productive are often two different things, and staying busy just for the sake of it will not bring sustainable development.

People are more stressed-out than ever before, for several reasons. Rising costs of everything, increasing stresses at work, strain on relationships, no time for self-care, lack of sleep, and just the fast pace of life, in general, are huge contributors to our stress. Also, political unrest, climate anxiety, and other global issues are causing upticks in anxiety. They have no idea how to slow down. How to do it?

  • Follow the principle of ‘Purity in Ahaar (Diet), Vichaar (thoughts) and Vywhaar’ (behavior) –
  • Slow and steady wins the race – Present society belongs to multi-taskers. Switching between tasks makes us less efficient and effective. And causes both mental and physical stress.
  • ‘No Mores’ – Don’t take more than one can be handled. Do have some time to relax.
  • Follow one’s own dreams – People can get more satisfaction out of building a life centered around their dreams, interests and passions. Follow your intuition, work hard, and don’t give up till the goal is achieved. Just follow one’s own heart and let the Nature take care of the rest.
  • Turn off electronics – Being busy all the time with electronic gazettes can lead to depression, social isolation, and loneliness. 

 Disciplined life-style – Self-discipline/internal discipline means ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses and avoid temptations. Self-discipline teaches people to be punctual. It is the key to lead a a more organized life. Self-discipline is not ruled by external fear or fear of punishment. Self-control is the motivating factor.

Disciplined life-style makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. It manifests inner strength or strong willpower to stick to one’s own decisions and follow them through. It enables people to stick with their decisions (perseverance) and plans until they accomplish them (persistence). It makes it easier to overcome addictions, overeating, procrastination and laziness. Lack of self discipline can lead to failure, loss, spoiling of relationships, and health problems etc.

Some of the advantages of Self-discipline are –

  1. Disciplined life-style makes a person to be self-confident and self-reliant.
  2. Avoid acting rashly and on impulse.
  3. Fulfill promises you make to yourself and to others.
  4. Make wise and healthy choices.
  5. Overcome laziness and procrastination.
  6. Makes it a habit to to be punctual.

Conclusion –  A balanced natural, healthy and disciplined life-style can make people happier than they are today, bring improvement in all aspects of human’s: relationships, work, fitness and health, and emotional well-being etc. and make the world a better place to live in.


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