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Exodus of migrant labour force from cities during Lock down period

At present, a struggle for survival is going on because of Carona virus. So far no respite. Thousands of people have died allover the world. It is a very difficult  time for the everyone. Government of India has called for complete lock down throughout the whole nation for 21 days. Only isolation and social distancing can prevent the disease from spreading. Clear message to all is ‘Stay back where you are’. Do not move out. Then why this exodus of migrant labour in India’s Metro cities?

Why is it difficult for the migrant workers to stay where they are? During lockout time, they need –

  • Enough space to live – One person hires a room and allows many daily wagers belonging to his homeland. Many individual live in that small room. During day time, all of them go out to their work place to earn money. Only at night they need little space to sleep. Each one pays some money to the person, who has hires the room, just to keep his bag during day time and little space to sleep at night. This way the tenant of the room, usually living with his family, also gets some extra money.
  • Not safe place to stay back during day time – Now with nationwide lock down, they do not have any place to spend their day time. ‘Stay where you are’ is not possible for them with the closure of industries and other places of work. It is almost impossible for them to keep a safe distance from each other either during daytime or nights by ‘staying back where they are’. It is necessary for the government first to make proper arrangements for their safe boarding and lodging.
  • Economic and emotional reasons – It is much more difficult and costlier for daily-wagers to live in Metros or big towns as comparison to living in their hometowns without any income. They think that economically and emotionally, it will be easier and better for them to go back to their homeland during this lock down period. They feel that then they can spend this time with their family members. And by chance, if death comes, they will be, at least, with their own near and dear ones.

For making all efforts to prevent Carona virus from spreading, the Government should pay more attention to the problems of migrant labours desirous to go back to their homeland. During this difficult time, with Carona virus spreading unchecked, strict isolation (keeping a safe distance from each other) is more necessary than other measures.

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