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Past, Present and Future

These days, there are a number of messages in social media teaching the people that past is past, live in present and do not bother for future. However past, present and future are so tightly intertwined with each other that one can not separate it or can live in present only. Any person can neither be cut of from one’s past, nor can be happy without planning rationally for one’s future.

In a very fast changing world , nothing can be more disabling than its idolization of past; nothing can be more needed than the constant interpretation of past experiences and present circumstances. Many opinions, structures, systems and principles have been evolved for the benefit of the society throughout the world for time immemorial, which have created such a wave that sweep over the entire world. They remained in vogue for some time, then faded. An anti-wave emerges, soon it wipes off the previous influence and replaces the previous waves and gives way to new structures, systems and concepts.

Present should be a constant challenge to the opinions of past. Any structure, system, form, attitude, tradition, or outlook, which appears more effective and beneficial in the light of modern times, should be replaced by a better one. But at the same time, it is suicidal to sacrifice an ancient structure, form or an attitude to an increasing passion for change.

A great transformation is under way, not only in India, but every where in the world. A huge socio, economic and political churning is going on the margins of society at all levels -be it individual level, local level, national level or international level. The whole of nineteenth and twentieth centuries, especially after the two World Wars are full of very fast changes going on every here due to technological advancement, especially due  to revolution in the spheres of information technology and mass media.

Time has never run so fast, as it does now in this space age.  Yesterday was not long ago and today is nearly over, with so much still pending to be done. Knowledge, due to revolution in information technology, is increasing much faster than human ability to handle it. There are changes in the strategy, structure and management techniques.  Socio-economic-political atmosphere is also in a stage of flux due to technological advances. These changes are posing a tough challenge before the people all-over the world.  Besides, the global society and national governments have to deal with living human beings, who are full of psychological and sociological complexes.  The rising aspirations and demands of people, with the spread of education and awareness create added problem for the political authorities of any nation. Globalization and international atmosphere, where America has emerged as the only super power since 1990, has posed further challenges before the global society.

The needs and aspirations of the people should be handled for the nation as a whole, not for any specific section of the society. The present day politics has given rise to many sectional forces and pressures groups. Some of these groups put their demands in a peaceful manners, while others are quite vocal and aggressive in attitude. They demand their rights, but ignore their duties. Groupism, violence, terrorism, and criminalisation etc. are some of the direct consequences. The Governments of different States pursue broad objectives and try to solve their respective problems separately on the basis of their specific needs and environment. For achieving the objectives, the cooperation of all the nations is necessary. To get this cooperation, it is equally necessary that they be well informed about the issues, policies, the programs and the activities.  Informed and vigilant leadership is a must for the success.

People, especially of developing and underdeveloped nations have to cover distance of centuries in decades, making the transition from agrarian society to industrial society and then to information society.  Science and technology have made their debut rather quite late there.  Today, the main thrust of the authorities should be on transferring knowledge, expertise, efficiency and application of science and technology through sound system of education and training.

Usually, confusions, suspicions or misunderstandings in human mind arise, when the fundamentals and knowledge about the ground realities of the values and systems, where one lives,are not clear. Or when rumours based on half cooked information, half-truths, partial or incomplete information are spread with a purpose to further one’s selfish interests or let down others. Many a times, such opinions turn out to be a great lie. It is quite harmful for the whole society and the nation.

In the end again it may be repeated that in a changing world, nothing can be more disabling than its idolization of past; nothing can be more needed than the constant interpretation of past experiences and present circumstances.

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