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“All India Women’s Conference” – A premier NGO

“Women will work out their destinies – much better too than men can ever do for them. All this mischief to women has come because men undertook to shape the destiny of women” Swami Vivekanand

All India Women’s Conference is a premier NGO working tirelessly to uplift the status of women in society as well as to empower them through education and training and enlighten them through various awareness programs on different issues.

Newsletter 1914

All India Women’s Conference has started its journey towards women’s empowerment in 1927, when a handful of like-minded visionary members joined hands to give selfless voluntary service to the society and work for all-round development of needy women and children. Since then, AIWC has never looked back and moved forward step by step, slowly but steadily. It has survived the test of time and today it is one of the premier women’s voluntary organizations.

The uniqueness of AIWC lies in the fact that in an increasingly “money for work” conscious world of the day, its more than 2 lakh women members are voluntarily working at headquarters, Delhi and in about 520 branches and constituent branches at grass root level under 9 zones spread across the country, with a membership of about. All the members devote their valuable time and talents for the service of those helpless women in need, who are bearing silently all kinds of sufferings without uttering a word against discrimination or exploitation prevalent in the society.

Newsletter 1914 1In January, 2014, the new managing committee took charge, Mrs. Veena Kohli as President; Mrs. Asha Gambhir as Secretary general ; and Mrs. Amreshwari Moria as treasurer. As has been its tradition, along with its entire team, the new executive members have started working with full zest, as is evident from the style of its working.

In 1995, Beijing Platform of Action guided Global society to work on 12 core issues – (like poverty, unequal access to education and training, health-care, violence against women, persistent discrimination against the rights of girl-child etc.) –  for the sustainable development of women. However, AIWC has already been involved since 1928 to tackle all those challenges, which obstructs empowerment of women. The year 2014 has been full of activities for AIWC in various fields.

During Half Yearly meeting at Moradabad in June 28-29, 2014, due to increase in the number of branches and increased workload/activities, the Standing Committee has given the charge to monitor the activities of its respective branches to the offices of Zonal Organizers (nine in number throughout India). These offices will act as the focal points, working as a link between headquarters at Delhi and its branches spread all over India. Each of the Zonal organizers and their teams will be responsible for coordinating and monitoring the work done at branches working within their respective ‘Zones’.

On 21st    and 22nd Feb., there was a National Conference at Vigyan Bhavan, N.Delhi. The focus was on saving the rich Indian heritage of herbal medicines and make people aware of their role in making India healthier in future.

newsletter 1914 2Every year, March 8 is celebrated as ‘International day for women’, when UNO salutes womanhood. AIWC feels felt why only one day? Every day, society should pay tribute to womanhood and acknowledge their contributions to the society as affectionate daughters, sisters, loving life-partners/wife and caring mothers. On 18th March, AIWC in co-ordination with Art Inc. organized a wonderful event and named it ‘Ode to Womanhood’. The event put emphasis on both the dimensions – Empowerment of women through legal awareness as well as make them socially and culturally rich.

 Aiwc in climate change workshopA series of Advocacy Workshop was conducted during May-August 2014 by AIWC on Post-2015 progress and Impacts of Climate change. The workshops were sponsored by Women in Europe for a Common Future, a Netherland based NGO. Mrs. Kalyani Raj, Member-in-Charge, New & Sustainable Project was selected as one of the Mentors under WECF’s EWA Project. The national workshop was conducted in Delhi and four regional level workshops were conducted in Kolkota, Trivandrum, Mumbai and Allahabad.

mcm library 2MCM library 1

Margaret Cousins Memorial Library (MCM library) of AIWC was established in  1956 as a general Public Library in the memory of one of founder members and ex-President, Margaret Cousins, an Irish lady. The library is a treasure of old Reports and correspondence, old journals, and reports pertaining to women’s issues. After its renovation, digitalization and restoration and preservation of valuable documents and digitalization, the library has started re-functioning again since August 2014. It The library has now been made more user-friendly through automation. Being located at a central place in N. Delhi, the library is a centre of attraction for students, research scholars as well as general public.

AIWC,s Gettogether

AIWC invited other premier NGO’s working in and around Delhi for the all-round development of under-privileged women. It was an effort to share their experiences and make concerted efforts to make women’s empowerment movement stronger and  find out jointly solutions of their problems, so that all women can live in the society with dignity and honor.

climate mitigation INFORCE 

On May 20th 2014, AIWC the national Focal Point of INFORSE South Asia organized a workshop on Climate Mitigation Initiatives for advocacy and awareness on Low Carbon Technologies at the Head Office, N. Delhi. It was attended by experts from MNRE, Ministry of Finance and Environment, WAFD, WEC, CSE, CANSA, IIT etc.

Mrs yachury's workshop

AIWC organized a National Workshop on ‘growing and preserving of Medicinal plants’ at Bengaluru from 14th to 16 of July 2014. 25 branches from Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry attended it with interest, as it would provide a livelihood and economic independence to rural women. Global Water Partnership and India Water Partnership sponsored   one year pilot project on Awareness Generation on ‘relationship between safe-drinking water, health, hygiene, water-conservation and sanitation. Mrs. Kalapkam Yechury conducted it at Kakinada branch at Komargiri Village. The project was sponsored by Global Water Partnership and India Water Partnership.

Seminar on violence against women

Head office of AIWC sponsored for 4 seminars on the theme ‘Violence against women’. Ms Kuljit Kaur, Vice President, responsible for it, organized seminars on ‘J.S.Verma Committee Report and Aftermath’. She  invited opinions and suggestions of women from all-over India – East, West, North and South as well as from upper, middle and lower class families. Zero tolerance was the motto of this National Consultation. Justice Leela Seth, also a member of J.S.Verma Committee, was the Guest of Honour at N. Delhi.

National Foundation for Communal Harmony (an autonomous body under the Ministry  of Home Affairs) sponsored for conducting workshops on national harmony. AIWC conducted workshops on “Role of Women in Promoting Communal Harmony and National Integration” at its branches in Punjab, U.P., Tripura and Gujarat. The aim was to promote peace and harmony, and spread the message of love and humanity in the country. It spread the message – ‘No religion supports violence’.

Essay competition

On 12th November, 2014, All India Women’s Conference held an Inter-College Debating Competition. The theme of the debate was: ‘Traditional values and ideals are no longer relevant for women’s empowerment’. The debate opened fresh avenues of thought for women’s empowerment coming from the young participants. Both boys and girls from about 35 premier colleges from different parts of Delhi participated in the debate. The debate concluded on the positive note that the role of traditional values in supporting empowerment could not be brushed aside coolly. Values are values, which give a purpose to human life. AIWC Inter-College Debate trophy was awarded to Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. On this occasion, President of AIWC also invited students to join AIWC’S Youth Wing as volunteers and put their energies to the task of women empowerment ahead.

shilpkala utsavshilpkala utsav 1

From 26th Nov to 28 November , 2014 Ms Ritu Singhal, Member-in-Charge, Shilpkala Utsav organized the annual festivity of crafts. It is a unique initiative taken up by AIWC to encourage women artisans, to revive their skills and give them an exposure for marketing their products. This year, artisans from 17 states participated. Exquisite handcrafted collections of textiles, Crafts, Jewelry and accessories in variety of materials were showcased.

Chief guests were Dr. Jessica Hellett, EU Ambassador’s wife, Ms. Jaya Bachchan, M.P. Rajya Sabha, Mr. Samir Kumar Biswas, Development Commissioner Handicrafts, and Mr. Navraj Goyal, Addl. Development Commissioner (Handicrafts).

Participation in International Conferences

Recently, the members of AIWC have participated in some international conferences. Ms. Amarshwari Moria, treasurer AIWC went to Kathmandu Nepal, (from 26th Aug to 28th Aug.) to attend a ‘Low Carbon Options for South Asian Countries and sectors.


A ‘Pre-COP Social meet on Climate Change’, a summit of Civil  Society Organization was held in Margarita Island (Venezuela) in July 2014, primarily to provide a forum for the international CSOs to meet and discuss their perspective of issues relating to the Climate Change. Kalyani Raj participated in the meet. The CSOs discussion was consolidated in a document “Margarita Declaration” and presented by the Venezuela government to the COP authorities.

UNFCCC has given AIWC the status of ‘Observer’. In June, in the capacity as Co-focal point (Global South) of the Women and Gender Constituency of UNFCCC, Ms Usha Nair she attended the Forum at Taipei, Taiwan in July 2014.

One day summit was organized by U. N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on September 23rd, 2014 at New York.  Kalyani Raj and Usha Nair from AIWC attended it.

Amreshwary and Kalyani

There was APAN Conference in Kuala Lumpur  this year. Treasurer Mrs. Amareswari Moria and Ms Kalyani Raj attended the Asia Pacific Adaptation Network. The Forum focused on various aspects of adaptation to the climate change.

Lima-Peru 1

In December, 2014, COP20 was held at Lima, Peru. From AIWC, Mrs. Usha Nair, Mrs Kalyani Raj, Mrs. Geeta Sinha and Mrs. Kumkum Narain participated in at Lima. Issues relating to technology transfer, mitigation, adaption, finance, transparency in action and support in a balanced manner etc. were discussed in this conference.

The year 2014 has been full of activities for AIWC. Its contributions to Indian society as a whole for women’s empowerment are immense and priceless. The efforts done so far for solving women related issues require much more to be done. The organization has miles and miles to go to make its dreams come true. So rest not, till it is done. Wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year.






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