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Celebrating UN declared Peace day on 21.9.2014 by All India Women’s Conference, Delhi

President, All India Women Conference Mrs. Veena Kohli on UN declared International Peace Day 21.9.2014

Today we are gathered here to celebrate UN declared International Peace Day

To inaugurate International Peace Day, the United Nations Peace bell is rung at UN headquarters in New York City. The bell is cast from the coins donated by children from all continents and was a gift from United Nations Association of Japan as “a reminder of human cost of war.” The inscription on its side reads, “Long live absolute world peace.”

In modern world, Peace day is only a day of ceasefire, a day of non-violence. It means a day when people don’t fire guns and people are not supposed to fight or argue unnecessarily.

However, every morning when we rise, we listen on the radio or read in the paper some sad news of violence, crime, wars and disasters. I cannot recall a single day without a report of something terrible happening somewhere. Even after so much advancement of modern times, it is clear that one’s precious life is not safe. There is a constant fear and tension all over. No former generation has had to experience so much bad news as we face today. Any sensitive and compassionate person seriously questions – is our modern word really progress progressing?

When I was a student in school, we had a teacher, who used to give her remarks for our tests by giving us coloured stars which were considered good. And black spots for tests in which we did badly. The coloured stars, she explained, indicates that you will go to heaven and the black would lead to hell. We asked her what is heaven? She answered that heaven was a place which is beautiful, peaceful with flowers blooming, music playing softly, everything is clean, straight-forward and well-organized, There, angels tread and all the habitants have a smile and walk with a gentle sway. There, animals and birds flourish, everyone smiles at each other and all live in harmony and have a satisfactory life. There, the colours of life make a beautiful balance and people enjoy each other with happiness. There, all care and respect each other and if anyone makes a mistake, he/she does not hesitate to accept and apologize for the mistake. All life is peaceful.

As a school student we were all so overwhelmed with this explanation and therefore worked hard for coloured stars and be a better person.

Alas! Life is not so simple. History is the witness that willingly or unwillingly, we human beings have spent thousands of years in this word of turmoil, war, hunger and exploitation.

Yet, I believe that the heaven of peace and beauty can be found and created in this very earth and become a part of our lives. For this we have tools, knowledge, understanding and ability to apply these tools to make a better world with peace.

I believe that the subject of peace would be incomplete without talking about Mahatma Gandhi. He had shown that Mahatma Gandhi taught all of us that we can bring harmony to our world by becoming champions of love and peace for all. The task is daunting but Gandhiji has shown that a fragile meekly man of small physical stature can achieve feats of incredible magnitude with a staunch belief of practice peace through non-violence.

In 1995 on the occasion of the 125th Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi the Government had announced an International Gandhi Peace Prize, named after Mahatma Gandhi to be awarded annually by the Government of India. It is open to all persons regardless of nationality, race, creed or sex. It carries Rs 1 crore in cash, a plague and a citation.

Each New Year brings the expectation of a better world. In light of this, I ask God, the father of humanity to grant us concord and peace, so that the aspirations of all for a happy and prosperous life may be achieved.

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