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Teach poor and backwards how to fish

“Teach backwards and poor to fish”


”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for life time. “

“Work is worship. There is no substitute for hard-work”

Self-reliance is the key-word – The key for uplifting the submerged sections of society and for their sustainable development lie in preparing people to be self-reliant, living without crutches or depending on external support. Doles given by powerful lobbies or by ruling authorities can benefit only a few poor individuals and that too for a short period.

Dependence, a source of unhappiness – Dependence on others brings unhappiness in life. One loses confidence in oneself. Also, there comes a long struggle in life to enjoy the benefits donated by the higher authorities.

Teach poor how to fish – There is a folk tale – Once a man came to a prophet and asked for some money for his livelihood. The prophet taught him a formula for dignity. He gave an axe and advised him to “go to the jungle, cut some wood, and earn your livelihood by selling it. And meet me after fifteen days”. The man sincerely followed the advice. After fifteen days, when he met the prophet he said, “I am happy with my job. Now I know that for living in dignity, I must not ask for anything from anyone.”

Every individual born with some special quality – Nature has gifted everybody with some special quality and enormous potential to pursue one’s own interest. One only needs a proper atmosphere to work according to one’s attitude and aptitude.

The best way, in which a welfare state can create an equitable society and help its submerged people, is to empower them and to make them aware of their capabilities. It should develop their personalities to the fullest by inculcating in them an attitude to tap their own potentials. And then, it should train the people according to their attitude and aptitude.

Job-satisfaction – The government of a welfare state should facilitate its people to get employed in jobs suitable to their capacity and personality. It should give them incentive to work/job-satisfaction by providing conducive atmosphere to work, and encourage them to earn their living by honest means, achieve good results by hard work and move ahead in life on their own.

Hard work brings shine in life- It is often alleged that forward caste people are born with silver spoon in their mouth. But it is a misconception. It is not ease but effort, not facility but difficulty that makes a man. Through hard work, one can earn money, but through money one can not buy hard work or happiness. Too much of comfort kills motivation. Certainly self-motivation/incentive to work is of far more valuable than external support.

“Yes, I can do it” – So a welfare society/nation must teach the submerged sections of society to fish through sound system of education supplemented by proper vocational training, not to ask from the government any favor/concession or quota for moving ahead in life. People also learn not to yell for concessions, easy money or doles. Favor or external help can give only temporary relief, not a permanent solution. One must rely on his own efforts. Hard work is always accompanied by confidence with a feeling “Yes, I can do it.”

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