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Discrimination on grounds of gender

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Gender discrimination on the basis of gender is not a unique feature of Indian society only. It is a universal phenomenon and exists almost in all the societies. East or West, Developed or Developing – irrespective of religious faith and economic system.

Till very recently, traditional societies regarded women weak, emotional, lacking in the strength of mind, to resist temptations, and falling an easy prey to external temptations.In Hamlet, Shakespeare described women as; Frailty, thy name is woman.

As late as 1960s, it was believed that womens fundamental biological make-up made them unfit for managerial role. Logic, reason and efficiency, the basics of professional management were supposed to be lacking in them. Therefore, women were subjected to nearly complete male domination and control.

The qualities like perseverance, patience and devotion to duty, attitude to accept challenges unhesitatingly and the nature of not…

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