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Need of Civil Service/bureaucracy


To run the administration of a country nicely, a band of ‘permanent, paid and professional’/capable officers—efficient, prompt, just and sympathetic—belonging to different disciplines of bureaucracy/civil services are required. Had there been only the leaders and elected representatives of the people, the work of the governance would never have been done properly. Civil service is, therefore, an indispensable part of any government, which provides continuity on a long-term basis.. The civil servants not only dig expert knowledge from the raw material, but give it a shape with a sense of commitment. Due to its exclusive and specialist nature of work and the need for more expert knowledge in administration for improving the quality of life, the importance of administrative civil services increases day-by-day.

As Shri C. Rajagopalachari, “For any administration to be good and efficient, as a whole, we want right type of men. The quality of men placed in position is more important than laying down of rules and methods of operation”

Institution of modern civil services is one of the oldest and most wonderful institutions, the British Government has bequeathed to India. It has a long historical background and is a product of centuries. It has prospered, slowly but steadily, under three successive regimes—The East India Company, the Crown and the Indian Republic.

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