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Social and political Values and Systems in India.

Social Values?


Social values/norms/mannerism are the integral parts of the culture of a society. It indicates how cultured/advanced or backward its society is? It is said a nation or money can be created overnight, but it takes seven generations for one to become cultured in its true sense. In a long run, when a society becomes advanced in culture, it is called a civilization. Civilization means a high level of intellectual, technological, cultural and development of a society. 

Values can not be taught like texts, nor tested in written examinations. They are learnt by living. It is not something which could be decided or opined at one point of time or propagated by self-styled Messiahs of a society. It is not something, which can be forced upon people. 

Social values are formed on its own on the basis of experiences of its people, specific needs of a society, circumstances of that place and time and mind-set of its people. Efforts put by different social groups of a society at different points of time to develop the attitude, aptitude and innate psycho-biological traits of its people as a whole over a period, all together set up the social norms of a society. Value system of a society does not remain static. It keeps on changing from place to place and time to time.

Politicians, religious gurus, powerful lobby of elders or self-styled reformists can not become the guardian of social values/culture. Their role in a civilized society is that of a facilitator. They are supposed to inculcate positive attitude, good values and thinking in their own people by creating friendly atmosphere and arranging a sound system of education.


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