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What is more important for a woman?

There was a shocking news in ”Times Of India’  on 6th of November,  2009, p. 1  –  ‘Nany sedates baby, ‘rents’ him out to beggars’ (p, 1)… A seven months old infant (son of a mother working for an MNC) was sent with beggars for Rs 100 a day. What is the use of all her earnings, if instead of milk, her baby is fed sedatives, instead of wearing nice clothes, her child is dressed up in rags and be on the streets with beggars throughout the day?  It forces one to think what is more important for a woman- her beloved child and his happiness or empowerment by working directly in nation building activities like men on equal terms? How the process of her empowerment, which began in 1975 with the UN declaration on empowerment of women, could continue? What steps need to be taken by women themselves, society and the authorities to solve many more such problems faced by working women?

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  1. Hi,

    its a fact that somewhere the women community is missing on the very genesis of being an Indian women. I somehow feel proud to be an Indian and live in defined zone of life…..but the problem comes when v decide the zones for our life and forget the the basic responsibility of rearing up a generation in from a baby…..Well THATS INDIA 2010…

    Comment by Rama | January 2, 2010 | Reply

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