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Attitude of British government for Reservations



British government in India, which introduced and experimented the Reservation policy in lands of India, remained very particular till the end of its rule not  disturb its elite service, the Indian Civil Service. It depended heavily on ICS for the efficient and effective governance of the country.

British rulers gave assurance to the backward castes, but firmly stuck to one point i.e. – it won’t weaken its steel-frame – its administrative service at any cost. It told very clearly the upcoming groups about getting entry into ICS “With its utmost desire to do the best for these classes, the Government will be and is powerless to help them, unless they qualify themselves to the same extent as others of their countrymen for duties of administration and public.”

Therefore the rulers advised the backwards to equip themselves with education, which alone would enable them to take due share in the administration of the nation. The British kept the Reservation confined to the provincial level till they ruled. 

However, they knitted a very strong web for the Indian leaders, into which the Indian leaders were trapped completely after the Independence. It was only after the Independence that Reservation Policy was acknowledged as necessary for uplifting downtrodden and was introduced at national and provincial levels separately. With the passage of time, this  feeling became stronger and stronger.



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