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Ram Vilas Paswan in favour of Reservation Policy

During 1990-91, Mr. Paswan, a Cabinet Minister in VP Singh’s cabinet, championed the cause of Reservation. However on December 12, 1987, in a speech at Benepatti, Madhubani, he demanded amendment in the Constitution to end the prevalent policy of Reservation for Harijans and backward classes in Government Services and replacing it by right to work for everybody, because…Reservation system had failed to achieve its purpose and had created social tensions in the country. Later on, he changed his views and opined as under :-

It is ironical that, The one, who makes clothes, does not have clothes to wear, the one that makes shoes, does not have any to wear himself and the one, that makes houses, does not have a roof over his head.

The mindset of the upper-caste is difficult to change, which has hardened over a thousand years of oppressing Harijans and regarding them a lesser being. 

Right now our society is like this, with each caste lying oppressively on the one below it.

Though several laws have been enacted to improve their lot, much of it remain on paper…Harassment, brutalisation and killings of Harijans continue in remote backward areas, where a majority of Dalits still live in the dark ages of denial and deprivation. i

Paswan regarded Reservations in jobs and educational institutions necessary, because it had made it possible for a son of oppressed to become a collector or SP.

      “Nothing will change till they are given a share in land, industry and administration beside politics. No amount of reform with the old structure will do, it needs to be dismantled wholesale. ii

There is no justification for finishing Reservations for downtrodden, till caste-system exists.’

If justice was denied to poor, the doors to violence would be thrown open.’ iii

Paswan challenged the argument of merit by saying Merit ! what is Merit… What merit is there in Capitation fee system?

i Times of India. Dated, April 18, 1993, p15.

ii Frontline August 31, September 3, 1991 P.100.

iii Times of India, Dated, April 8, 1992.


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