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Kansi Ram on Reservation Policy


Earlier, Kanshi Ram, founder and Supremo of BSP, was Member of Republican Party of India – the only Dalit outfit before 70’s. In 1973, he formed the Backward and minority Community Employees Federation. In 1981, he launched Bahujan Samaj Party and provided the country a new formula of DS4 (Dalit Samaj of SC, ST, OBC and Minorities). He says: –

No economic system, be it communism, capitalism socialism or liberalism, can succeed in India, as long as the ism of Brahminism holds sway.’ i

We have no other program except the one to capture political power.

He is critical of Dalits groups in Maharashtra for always seeking concessions from the upper castes. He wants the Dalits to aim for political power. He said that he was opposed to Reservations and land reforms.ii Mr. Kanshi Ram declares himself as king-maker and says, BSP is a self centered party. I will ensure that no Government stays at Center for too long. Not until, we are ready to takeover.iii

Now Ms Mayawati, the present Chief Minister of India’s largest province -Uttar Pradesh has taken over the charge to fulfil Kansi Ram’s dreams.

i Times of India. Dated, December 7, 1993, p1.

ii Times of India. Dated, December 27, 1993.

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