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BDSharma, Ex-Commissioner for SCT on Reservation Policy


In his 29the Report, Mr. Sharma, an ex-Commissioner for SCT, pointed out that the policy of Reservation in Government jobs has not improved the lot of the bulk of SC/ST in the country. In fact, in many cases,Their condition has further deteriorated. It is quite clear, that even if, the policy of positive discrimination was to succeed fully, it could benefit only a small section of these communities. On the other hand, if inequality continues to increase in our country or continues even at the present level, the maximum damage will fall on the members of these communities themselves, because their condition is already the worst, as in the case of the SC; or because they are facing the most severe backlash of development as in the case of the ST. The policy of Reservation is ironical, as it demands a share for the weaker section in the gains of iniquitous system, which in the ultimate analysis can not be anything, but the proceeds of exploitation of other poor belonging to the same group, who remain at the bottom.


September 28, 2009 - Posted by | Reservation/Affirmative action program

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