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Arun Shourie on job reservation

 Arun Shourie, an Eminent Journalist, believes that a society, based on the principles of social justice, integrity, equal rights and opportunities for all, means recognition for the inherent rights of every human being to work and achieve the essentials of life like food, clothing, housing, education, social amenities and security. These should not be determined by accident of birth or sex, but by planned social distribution, to accept the claim of every citizen to the right to enjoy basic rights and liberties. It also means to create awareness among its citizens, so that they can justly exercise their rights and perform their duties. 

A job should be something, which one has to work to get, something which one has to do one’s utmost to retain and advance in it. It should not be, advancement in it must not be any one’s right. Reservations definitely develop ethos that the job, the promotion is mine by right and that too, because of my birth, not work. How can a modern society survive, let alone grow with this as its ethos. i According to him: –

Reservations were introduced as an exception, a temporary one, but it became a permanent feature,

It tends to grow. Concessions once given to a group is grabbed one after another group,

Concessions introduced in one sphere spreads to others.

With its growth, it suffers progressive, rapid debasement.

A concession, once given, becomes a right.

Democratic institutions like courts find itself unable to arrest the rot and to ensure, that it sub-serves the end, for which it was meant.

i Shourie – This way lies not only folly but also disaster, Indian Express 22.8.1990.


September 28, 2009 - Posted by | Reservation/Affirmative action program

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