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Reservations during British-rule in India

The Reservation policy initially originated and was practiced in the provinces of India. Informally, the Reservation for Backward Classes began in 1874 in the province of Mysore and gradually spread over other provinces as well.

In the beginning of the Twentieth Century, during the British rule, the idea of Communal Representation entered into the Civil Services, educational institutions and electoral politics. Quotas were fixed for backward classes and minorities (Muslims and Anglo-Indians). However, British gave importance to communal representation along with merit in the matter of recruitment in Provincial Civil Services.

Started with the purpose to restrict Brahmins domination in Government jobs, it traveled a long distance. It spread from Government jobs to educational field too, in order to prepare non-Brahmins for Government jobs. After Independence, a major change came in the terms of Reservation Policy. From provincial level, it entered into national level, as well.

Provinces on the basis of their experience on reservation can be grouped as under :-    

Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Maharashtra, known as Peninsular states, have a long history of backward class movement and Reservations. These states have declared a major segment of their population as Backwards and offered them a wide range of benefit.

Arunachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, MP, Tripura, W.Bengal had no list of the OBCs. They did not take any separate action for their uplift during pre-Mandal era.

States like Assam and Pondicherry offered only some educational Reservations during pre-Mandal era.

Rajasthan, Orissa and Delhi also offered educational concessions, but not Reservations earlier.

                Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, MP, J and K, Punjab and UP used         Reservations along with moderate concessions. In these states Reservations led to protests and agitation, from time to time.


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