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Performance of Bureaucracy of Independent India


The performance, character and role of bureaucracy depend on the social and political scenario around the it. The officers being the product of the same society, remain as honest, upright and efficient, as the society around them is or as their political masters want them to be.

Immediately after the independence, the performance of bureaucracy was at the best. It represented one of the finest services in the world. Then, some where down the line, things fizzled out.

The image, it acquired after the independence, was that of effective bureaucracy under the able, sincere and visionary leadership of Patel, Nehru and Pant. In 1970’s, its image was of the committed bureaucracy of 1970s. It became demoralized bureaucracy after 1977, especially, after the Shah Commission proceedings, insecure bureaucracy in 1980’s and a corrupt bureaucracy of 1990’s. Personal upbringing training and discipline kept some officers away from these influences. By the time, it reached up-to 21st century, it became “Toe the line of their political basses” bureaucracy .

The performance of bureaucracy after the independence could be divided into three broad periods: –

  Nehru Patel era (1947-1970)

  Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi era (1970-1990)

 Era of political insecurity (1990 onwards)

 By the time, it reached up-to 21st century, it is rated one of the most corrupt and inefficient service.

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