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Why All India Services?

In every administrative set-up, there are certain positions or posts, which might be called strategic from the point of view of maintaining the standard of administration. This is more true in a large country like India, where there have been perplexing diversities in geography, language, race and culture, which have existed through ages and pervaded every aspect of life. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to evolve some standards and guidelines, whereby the interest of the nation, as a whole, is taken care of. The standard of administration itself depends on the calibre of officials, who are appointed to these strategic posts. In the words of Shri C. Rajagopalachari, “For any administration to be good and efficient, as a whole, we want right type of men. The quality of men placed in position is more important than laying down of rules and methods of operation “.1 Fortunately India, along with Pakistan, has inherited, from the past, a unique administrative system which knows what are those strategic posts and who are the persons to hold them. The institution of All India Services provides such officers, who could man the strategic posts throughout the nation, both at the Centre and in the states. Though originated under the British rule, it has been able to survive and prosper even in independent India.

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