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Why woman insensitive to other woman?


Quite often it is said that the greatest enemy of a woman is a woman herself. How far is it true? 

In any community it is the women, who face injustice in many different forms – be it domestic violence, harrassment at work or unequal and biased treatment. Many women still have to suffer because of female foeticide, infanticide and injustice/abuse in day to day life.

Then why more often than not, a woman is found behind all these atrocities on other women. Why many a times woman become insensitive to other woman’ sufferings? It is assumed that when she herself faces indiscrimination somewhere or the other either inside the house or at workplace, she should be more sympathetic to her fellow women. 

It is not woman in her, but her narrow outlook and negative attitude towards life, which becomes intrumental in harassing her fellow woman beings and spreading many social evils. Whenever they get opportunity, some ambitious women in their bid to control everybody and everything do not hesitate in letting down her counterparts. It is usually a sense of insecurity in her, which results in her becoming insensitive and narrow minded. In an attempt to safeguard/uphold her dominating position, within the family or at working place or in the garb of protecting social norms, customs or traditions (earlier old male members were responsible for keeping discipline), she becomes ruthless, when anyone belonging to weaker sex tries to raise her head against it.

In todays busy world, men are usually not bothered about such things. For their peace of mind, they choose either to keep quite or to support strong women around them. Most of the times, it is the mothers-in-law, sisters-in law or daughters-in law within the family and junior/younger women colleagues at workplace, whom she usually sees as her rivals threatening the influence she has created so far.

Through sound system of edcation and well grooming within the family, her outlook towards life can be changed/broadened. Intelligent women with positive framework of mind do not indulge themselves in such practices, which could create troubles for other women and try to help distressed women, whenever is required.

April 16, 2009 - Posted by | Women's issues

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  1. Hello Aunty,
    Its a nice blog. As a psychologist I feel the level of self secured value systam and secured self confidance will help a lady to grow well.

    We are most of the time unsecured ourself and blame others for it.

    Comment by Dr.Rama | August 2, 2009 | Reply

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