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Why modern woman insecure?


A modern woman is aware of her rights, role and status within the family and outside it in

the society. She knows her worth in modern world. Then why does she feel herself more

insecure than her predecessors, especially in difficult times?

No doubt, today a woman plays multiple roles and in each role her performance is par excellence. From a non-entity, she has been able to create an identity of her own. She is educated and aware of the happenings around her. She has become financially independent. With changing times, she has risen up to the occasion and fulfilled her duties successfully both inside and outside the home, at her work place.

Women empowerment did not happened overnight. They have to fight a constant fierce battle to reach upto this position. They have continuously worked very very hard to get equality, liberty and opportunity. However, this transition has made some of them over-confdent and over-ambitious.

They debate and challenge Manu’s opinion about women – “In childhood a female has to depend on her father, in youth on husband and in old age on her sons. She is never fit enough for total independence.”(laws of Manu, verse 148) Even in present environment, it is true to some extent. The roles of man and woman in a society are not competitive but complementary. Prosperity comes when both work shoulder to shoulder. No man or woman in real life can become a ‘superman’ or ‘superwoman’. A woman can remain more secure, confident and successful, till she is living in protected atmosphere in company of her male counterpart.

Many a times, too much assertion of her independece may put her married status in danger. She may become lonely and may be forced to cope up with all kinds of problems and difficult situations single-handedly. Time has already come, when a woman can not be sure how long her marriage will last. Reasons for such a doubt/ insecure are many like –

    (a) Liberal ‘divorce’ laws – No matter, how good or trust-worthy her/his life partner is, it does not take much time or effort for both to walk out. A little bit of intolerence or misunderstanding may cause disaster.

    (b) Growing intolerance amongst youths – The tolerance level of people is continuously decreasing. Aspirations and ambitions have increased beyond limits. Everybody wishes to touch the sky with least effort and with no loss of time. When it is not done, due to one reason or the other, one gets intolerent and angry.

    (c) Strains on modern families – A modern woman, when in need, does not find enough support systems to fall back on, which usually her own family used to provide earlier. Due to fast-pace of modern life, busy life-style, lack of time and other constraints on modern families, it has become almost impossible to render earlier kind of emotional or physical support.

It appears, despite all the progress a woman has made, a woman has become economically stronger, but emotionally weak and that is why she still feels insecure.

March 8, 2009 - Posted by | Women's issues |

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  1. hello,
    I fully agree to your opinion. I will also add on thought that somewhere we indian as parents also, do not prepare our daughters to handle crisis management. We treat them as cotton wool and then just push them in a wild jungle of fire and leter on tell them—-c marriage should continue as it is the need of society. Well a marriage should continue for self not for society.

    Sure, Men and women are complimentary to each and a secured family gives rest to the mind of the Indian lady….thats true….

    Comment by Dr.Rama | May 29, 2009 | Reply

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